Tesla CCS1 Adapter 250KW CCS to Tesla Charger Adapter For Model 3 Y X S

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1- Quality trusted by the Tesla community, has sold over 10,000 units in the US.

2-The CCS Combo 1 Adapter is suitable for Model 3 Y X S.Note: older Model 3 2018-2021 need to check if your tesla enable ccs.After 2021 Tesla can support CCS by default.

 3-Function: 250kw CCS Adapter enable Tesla drivers to access public Electrify America charging stations. CCS adapter in North America expand your fast charging options.The adapter is going to be welcomed by Tesla owners.

4-Quality assurance, good after-sales service: if you have any quality problems, please contact us at within 30 days to a local US warehouse address.

Tesla Community Recommend Test EVbase CCS Adapter with a 350 kW Station.(Testing Max 300KW)

15% Off Code: EV22( Limit Today)

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Customer Reviews

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Matthew Derek
Maximum rate up to 300KW i have used

The maximum power up to 300KW i have used, which is a big surprise to me. I often drive my Tesla to travel, and n I rarely worry that it is difficult for me to find a long-distance Tesla charging pile now.

Recommended by Tesla community. More Install Video

The quality is verified by many Tesla owners

Customer questions & answers

I tried to charge my Model 3 at a 350KW charging station, and the charging power can reach about 250-300kw, which should be according to the seller's description, and the CCS charging rate depends on the specification of the charging station.

The charging power of the EVBASE CCS charging adapter is 250KW, and you need to wait for 1 hour to fully charge it. As long as you do not leave the vehicle, it will not be stolen by others.

he CCS1 adapter is only used with Tesla vehicles. It is for Tesla Owner. It does not work with other EV vehicles because the charging socket does not match.